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Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions

Purpose of this website

The purpose of our website is to provide readers with the most up-to-date and accurate animal care information possible. The Homepage includes a list of informative, educational articles our authors have written to help others care for their pet axolotls. The Axolotl Care Guide contains a complete set of animal care instructions with helpful images. The Cycling Guide is a step-by-step walkthrough for cycling an aquarium. The Axolotl Supplies pages include lists of required and recommended products to use for axolotl care. The FAQ contains answers to many frequently asked questions about axolotl care. This website is entirely free to use and does not offer any paid content or services. 

Author of this Website

The authors of this website are those associated with the Axolotl Central brand and Discord server.


This website does not utilize cookies to store user information, and they are not required for users to engage with the website content. However, third-party cookies from Google, managed by the Google AdSense service, may be gathered for the purpose of tailoring advertisements. It is important to note that these cookies are not directly linked to this website's functionality. Google LLC and its partners may use these cookies based on visits to this website and other unrelated sites to deliver personalized ads. Users have the option to modify their ad personalization settings through this link. Any advertisements on this website may be customized based on the collected cookies from this site or others. For additional details and choices regarding opting out of advertising cookies, please refer to

Privacy and Gathered Information

This website does not incorporate any registration or login features and does not necessitate the provision of personal information from its visitors. Users who submit comments to this website are consenting to the retention of the comment content, the entered username, and the posting time. Users have the option to request the removal of their posted comments at any time. The website does not store additional fingerprint information about users, and user location data is neither analyzed nor stored.


The guidance, suggestions, and insights shared on this website stem from our authors' personal experiences and research and are not to be construed as professional articles. Choosing to follow any advice on this site is entirely voluntary and done at one's own risk. The author disclaims any responsibility for potential misinterpretation or harm resulting from the information provided. All content on this website is shared with good intentions, adhering to generally accepted moral principles. Notably, this website refrains from featuring content related to child abuse, pornography, the endorsement of violence, illegal activities, hazardous behaviors, animal cruelty, or deceitful practices. Furthermore, there is no presence of malicious software or malware on this website.


All content, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, audio, video, and other materials on is the property of Axolotl Central unless otherwise stated. All content is protected by copyright laws and international treaties. This website follows DMCA statement, does not intentionally break any copyright restrictions, and the ownership of any original material is clearly referenced and respected.



Published: 2023-12-15 22:49:15

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